Why you should hire me:

An incredibly well rounded developer, my breadth of experience allows me to wear many hats simultaneously while maintaing control, poise, and balance in all situations. I take pride in being an incredible debugger and reverse engineer by identifying solutions that are obvious, though not always apparent. Throughout my career, I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone in order to improve my own abilities, my colleagues, and my work product. I am also a humble spirited person who would rather see the team or community succeed over an individual.


Management: Event Organization and Management, Project Management, Product Management.
Technologies: REact.js, Docker, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Redis, memcached, Rest, AJAX, git, IP Security, Multiple Level Security, General Computer Security, Network Architecture and Implementation.
Specific Languages: Rust, Go, JS (including node.js), CSS, SQL, Ruby, C/C++


Cofounder/CTO, Emerging Technology Advisors; Reston, VA 2014 - Present

Trusted advisory consultancy that assists medium to large corporations and organizations in their adoption of emerging technologies (Hadoop, Rust, Go, Node.js, React, etc.) in order to make the correct business decision. In this role, I serve as an architectural advisor and evaluate the existing and planned technology decisions ranging from programming language choice, data storage selection, and DevOps infrastructure implementation. This generally includes High Availability, Security Assurance, and other mission critical evaluations.

I am the creator of the new DaVinci Program, which seeks to reinvent the educational system in order to produce the next generation workforce. This program brings fascinating technologies (3D printers, Quadcopters, CAD) into the hands of individuals that would otherwise not have access to it at a low to zero price point. Its goal is not to create new programmers, but to provide an exciting cirriculum that blends the arts and sciences, logic and creativity, in order to inspire a more robust set of individuals.

Vice President of Product Development, OurParents and SaferAging; Reston, VA 2009 - 2014

Designed, developed, and maintained the OurParents.com website which aggregated medicare and medicaid data with user reviews to provide a recommendation and lead generation engine for individuals seeking care for their aging parents. In 2012, we profitably sold that asset to a large lead generation company.

Developed and maintained the server components for SaferAging.com to record, analyze, and notify appropriate parties (family or care facilities) of senior citizens Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and deviations from their normal life trend.

I produced the integration of sensor hardware components for monitoring temperature, motion, contact, video, picture, and emergency triggering for the product. I am currently overseeing the design and development of next-generation, low-power 802.11 sensors and personal emergency notification system.

Founder, Iterative Designs LLC; Reston, VA 2006 - Present

Iterative Designs provides crafted web solutions for people who dream big. Work product includes:

  • Creator and ongoing curator of JSConf and RobotsConf. I have assisted in the establishment of many conferences including, but not limited to, PyCodeConf, NodeConf, and CSSConf.
  • Author of the node-serialport which allows JS developers to talk to hardware directly.
  • Started the NodeCopter and NodeBots events which bring software developers together with hardware.
  • An enterprise SAP and ERP data mapping company which I provided architecture, design, development and testing services.
  • A social wedding website company for which I provided turnkey architecture, development, and deployment services.

Sr. Web and Application Security Engineer, Knowledge Consulting Group; Reston, VA 2007 - 2008

Security Engineering Contractor for Transportation Safety Administration’s Information Security division reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer. Expanded the influence of the group into the forefront of the Software Development Life-cycle in order to reduce deployment strain and infuse security throughout the overall process.

Software Engineer Level 4, Cryptek, Inc.; Sterling, VA 1999 - 2007

Software technical lead for a re-write of the company’s VPN management application that was the first known implementation of the Communities of Interest security model protecting both network flow and data level access, while affording mission critical flexibility for changing requirements. The system was a drastic leap forward due to its focus on usability, system flexibility, and overall stability while ensuring the highest levels of data security.

Assisted in the establishment of the Product Management division that drove the company to release three major versions of product in correspondence with the defined roadmap integrating four government projects’ requirements.

Technical team lead for development of a document DRM system for the Joint Technical Data Integration (JTDI) which is currently deployed with an ATO in Atsugi, Japan and projected for deployment in three other countries over the next year.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA - Masters of Computer Science and Applications

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA - Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

Information on security clearance will be provided on an appropriate need-to-know basis